Welcome to the Study association Pyrus. The student association for students of the BSc Soil, Water, Atmosphere, the MSc Earth and Environment and the MSc Geo-information Science at the Wageningen University.

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Cheese Fondue

In the coming years Pyrus will undergo a lot of permanent changes. The international bachelor and the extended daytime schedule have not let the board agenda untouched. Luckily our planning is not yet like swiss cheese and are we able to introduce again some semi-liquid yellow constancy with the yearly cheese fondue!

Different constancy will be introduced by our one and only bricklayer, Klaas. This traditional hero will distribute the already famous Kees-Award to the most cheesy Pyrus member!

The fixed costs of this beautiful event will be 5 Euro for Members and 6 Euro for non-members.


Review Carrier Information Evening

The 6th of december, Pyrus members could focus on their future careers, by attending the Carrier Information Evening. This evening, nine speakers from various companies and career paths talked about their choices and how they got to the current point in their careers. Besides, Rik van Heumen showed us his interesting research on the statistics of Earth and Environment alumni. Besides the point that we were all happy to hear that Earth and Environment alumni generally quickly get jobs, it was good to know where most of us are likely to end up.

After three rounds of talks, distributed over 3 rooms, the commission organised a drink at the ground floor of Forum. This drink was held so that all unasked questions could be answered and the thirst for career information could be stilled.

All in all, the evening was a great success and we hope that you have learned a lot!

Fiery greetings,

The Career Information Evening commission.

Review LexCie Erasmus lunch lecture

On the 30th of November the Sexcie Lexcie organised a lecture by five of our own members. Reint, Marte & Evelien, Michelle and Britt told us about their experiences going abroad. From soccer player Bas Dost in Lissabon to shooting lessons in Spitsberg, and from a Hogwarts like campus to wandering underneath a glacier, we learned about all the adventures you can experience when studying abroad. Many 1st and 2nd year BWA students showed up and left both inspired and with their bellies filled with the free lunch.

Fiery greetings, Semper FlexCie cum Sexcie LexCie.