20th Student Championship Soil Drilling

Welkom op deze subsite van studievereniging Pyrus, de organisator van het Studentenkampioenschap Grondboren.

Pyrus is a study association with a strong sense of tradition. The Student Championship Soil Drilling is by far the best known tradition. Anyone who has done it once knows for sure how intense soil, water and atmosphere come together at this annual event. But the fourth element you also encounter. Although we do not drill down to the magma, fire at each championship the fire of passion for the soil drilling in everyone involved.

Feel that fire in you? That passion for soil, the urge to drill, for competition and desire for sociability? Are you a university or college student, not afraid of a little mud and familiar with a soil drill? Take part in an attempt to turn the coveted title in your name! Subscribe to the championship in teams of 4-7 people. Come up with a team name (may be with outfit), you give up and drill you on Wednesday 11 October 2017. Company teams and chair groups can also register.

The subscription for teams will start at the 11th of September. Even though subscription is not yet possible, it is still possible to write this date down in your agenda

More Information:
Date: 10 october 2018, from 18.00u
Location: At the Haarweg
Costs: € 6,- p.p. for members, € 7,- p.p. for non-members,
Theme: Just come to the themepresentation!!!
Party: from 23.00u at The International Club, Marijkeweg 31, Wageningen. Bring your ID!.

Please bring your ID!

For more information you can contact the organization.


Registration is closed.
Inschrijven kan vanaf 11-09-2018 om 22:00 tot en met 05-10-2018 om 23:59

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