News archive of April 2018

King for a Night ES Party

Can't wait to start partying on Kingsday? Well then you're in luck! Because on april 24th the Environmental Science Study Assosiations will host an early Kingsday party! So come down to the Woeste Hoeve, starting at 21.00 you can party like real royalty. We even invited King of the Netherlands Willem-Alexander, Prince of Orange-Nassau! We hope to see you then! Sylvatica, Pyrus, Genius Loci, Nitocra, Licere, Aktief Slip?

Chair group drink

Thursday the 5th of April at 17:15 Pyrus organizes a Chair group drink at GAIA. The theme of this drink is still a secret. Do you want to know the fantastic exiting theme? Join the GMM Tuesday 27 March, where the theme will be announced. And an extra bonus, during this chair group drink the FoodCie will hold a piebaking contest!

Grilled Cheese Sandwich lunch

After the GMM Pyrus will have three new board members. This means it is time for the return of a Pyrus tradition; the grilled cheese sandwich lunch! Come by to meet the new board and to let Gijs, Maaike and Bart serve you grilled cheese sandwiches. Board XXIXb would like to invite everyone to come to the Gaia, during the lunchbreak on the 3rd of April, to eat grilled cheese sandwiches with us.