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Welkom bij Studievereniging Pyrus. De studievereniging voor studenten van de BSc Bodem, Water en Atmosfeer, de MSc Earth and Environment en de MSc Geo-information Science aan de universiteit in Wageningen.

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Pub sports night

A new year, a new TransPyratCie activity! Thursday 17 January there will be a pub sports night at Café Daniels. The doors will be open for us from 20:30, and the first 30 people will be welcomed with a free beer so make sure you’re on time! The pool table and dartboard will be available for us all evening and there will be games such as checkers, chess, Halli Galli and Stef Stuntpiloot. Also, we’re holding a little darts tournament, so there’s plenty of fun games to play! So if you want to have a fun, relaxed evening, or have some pre-drinks before going to an open party, you’re more than welcome to come by! We’ll see you there, The TransPyratCie


Dear double delerious dancing drunken discodrommedaries, Do you remember the 23e of January, follow us into boogie wonderland, it is not an ordinary fantasy, it is an AkCie... drinkl!! Let's get loud, put on your most magnificent disco outfit and your blue suede shoes because I am so excited and I just can't hide it. The dancing queen and the sultan of swing with the nicest outfit celebrate their good times. Do you have the best outfit? The winner takes it all. It doesn't cost any money money money.

Let's dance!!! We hope to see you on 23 January at 20:30 in Cafe Daniels!

Crazy greetings, The Allknowing Allmighty Allpowerful Allacomplishable Alliterating AkCie


Review Deltares

A former Soil, Water, Atmosphere student who has worked at Deltares for the last 3 years held a talk about what Deltaris is and does, how this relates to other companies in this sector. He also talked about four projects at Deltares he has been involved in and an in depth explanation of the how the projects went and he gave some examples of what you have to do when you are involved with a project.

Traineeship Roadshow

On the 20th of November the “Roadshow water” took place in collaboration with Aktief Slip, CODON, Nitocra and Nji-sri. Nationaal Watertraineeship, Wetskills and Water Footprint Network visited Wageningen to tell something more about their companies. However, there was a twist: besides the informative session about the companies, we also did some interactive exercises. We practiced an exercise where you and your team had to choose a role on a ship and afterwards we also practiced pitching. Three groups had 30 minutes to prepare a pitch from a Wetskills program and afterwards the pitches we made were compared to the pitches done at the Wetskills conference. All in all it was an educative evening!