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Welkom bij Studievereniging Pyrus. De studievereniging voor studenten van de BSc Bodem, Water en Atmosfeer, de MSc Earth and Environment en de MSc Geo-information Science aan de universiteit in Wageningen.

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Chair group drink: Papi di Pyrus

The board has already changed on the 15th of November, but our Godfather never changes. Come to the chair group drink in Gaia to relieve some tension of the new period, have some small talk with your fellow students, but most importantly: There is an offer you can't refuse. The deal starts at 17:30 in Gaia, so be on time, to not miss out.

Super stratego extreme in real life

For generations the three nations lived among each other, but everything changed because the atmosphere attacked. Since then there was a battle between the soil, water and atmosphere nations. These nations will fight the final battle at 15 November, 22:00 in room 413 Forum. Do you want to join us on our adventure to acquire the flag of the enemy? You can sign up on the pyrus website!

LexCie period 2: Hydrology

This year, period 2 is ‘Hydrology Period’ at the LexCie. Three of our sponsors that work in hydrology will come and present themselves during 3 different lunch lectures. A quick overview: 30 October; National Water Traineeship (NWT), 16 November: Hydrologic, 30 November: Deltares.

Next up: Hydrologic, 16 November 12:45, C0104. Hydrologic is an consultancy firm in the water sector. They have projects all around the world and specialise in applying the latest models and ICT solutions to water related problems. During their lecture they will tell us more about their firm and tell us in more detail about some of the projects they work on.

Traineeship Roadshow

Have you ever had the question of what you can do after your study from friends and relatives? And did you know an answer to that question? If not, the night of the 20th of November is just for you! This night, Student Association Nji-Sri and Study Associations Aktief Slip, CODON, Nitocra and Pyrus will collaborate on making your future plans more clear! Come join us in D.L.V. Nji-Sri from 19:30 onwards for an interesting evening with Nationaal Watertraineeship, Nationaal Bodemtraineeship and Wetskills where they will tell something about their organizations and participate in some exercises that you will do as a trainee as well. Afterwards there's time to network and time for drinks!

Environmental Sciences Excursion: Grebbedijk!

The 24th of November, the Environmental Sciences study associations will give a wonderful excursion to the Grebbedijk! Lievense, an engineering/consultancy firm specialized in the field of construction, infrastructure, water and environment, will give us a tour of the environment surrounding the Grebbedijk from multiple angles. The excursion will start at 13.00 at Agro. We will end the day with a nice drink/snacks at Forum room 103. It promises to be a very interesting event, and on top of it all, it is free! There is a limited amount of spots available per study association, so make sure to subscribe at!


Erasmus lunch lecture

On the 12th of October the LexCie organised a lunch lecture where four student talked about why they chose to go abroad during their bachelor and shared their experiences of going abroad with Erasmus. Roosmarijn talked about her time and experience in Lancaster, UK. Henri told us about his experience in Spitsbergen, Daan went to Göteborg in Sweden and shared his experiences. Lastly Joris talked about his time in California where he studied at the Davis University. Many student were enthusiastic about hearing these stories of the experiences of going abroad.

Review Lunch lecture Acacia Water

The LexCie organised a lunch lecture where Anouk Gavaert of Acacia Water presented about the company, current projects she is working on, such as the 'Spaarwater' project and also briefly about her own career, which includes studying abroad and a PhD, before she started working for Acacia Water. After her presentation there was some time left for individual questions, which can always be very helpful for some students in need of advice regarding their future study and career choices and plans.