Competition Rules

Regulations of the Studen Championship Soil Drilling

To participate in the Student Championship Soil Drilling one must take note of the following regulations.

Teams consist of 4 to 8 persons, one of whom will function as a team captain. The team captain is responsible for his or her team’s finances. For the student competition teams have to consist solely out of students. In case of a team not comprising solely of students, the team will not compete for the available prices or titles.

It is strictly forbidden for participants and spectators to bring your own drinks.

During the first part of the championship teams are competing against each other in groups. The 16 teams with the fastest total times (the sum of the three fastest times in the group stage) will advance to the next round. The second part is a knockout stage, which will result eventually in the final match.

During a match every team will have an official “Edelman” auger at their disposal. This auger will be provided by the referee. It is not allowed to make use of anything but the “Edelman” auger.

Drilling takes place at a spot of your liking within the boundaries of the competition field. Prior to the start signal the auger must be lying on the ground and may only be picked up after the start signal which is given by the referee. The timekeeping will start with the start signal (Klaar? Af!/ Ready? Go! etc.). Timekeeping stops as soon as one team manages to drill their auger completely into the ground (1.20 m), empties it and puts it back into the borehole, making sure the handles touch the ground.

After the match the auger is handed back over to the referee and the boreholes have to be filled again (more or less) to prevent livestock from breaking their legs later on.

Special Cases: In the unfortunate event that your team hits e.g. a rock while drilling which prevents your team from continuing, a restart will occur. The same applies for drilling in an old borehole which accelerates the drilling. If a referees decision is considered as preposterous or ludicrous by your or the competing team, a decisive decision may be given by the master referee.

Misbehavior (plundering of property, pulling plugs from outlets etc.) by you or your team members will not be tolerated and can lead to disqualification or refusal at next year’s championship. Financial damage will be recovered from your team in case of misbehavior. The organizing committee (the GrondboorCie) is qualified to remove individuals and/or teams from the event site. In the case of theft a police report will immediately be filed.

During the event security will be present, these have permission to search visitors and participants to check for forbidden items. If a search is refused by visitors or participant, then the person will be refused entry to the event by the security.

In all cases the GrondboorCie’s decision is decisive.

The same rules apply to the Chairgroup competition and the company competion. However, the match time table is shorter.