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Hello, we are the AkCie. Yes, the Almighty Allknowing Alliterating Akcie, we provide all the Fudging Funny Fresh and Furious Aktivities in Pyrus. Aktivities like the Proper Pub Quiz, the Bubbling Beercantus and the Cool Cold Buffet. A success, a great first-time hit was pub crawl to Notorious city Nijmegen. We had some beers and did some dirty dancing and had an amazing AkCie aktivity. Every week, we have a meeting, before which we cook and eat together after which we discuss all the important and less important things on the agenda (Which is often composed 5 minutes before the meeting when our chair Tom suddenly decides he needs a toilet break). Alcohol is ‘sometimes’ included and promotes our bonding as a comity “Like a tower bridge” – All of us in unison during the meeting. Additionally, we have signature clothing. At any AkCie Aktivity, you can recognise us by our Happy Hot Hawaii Blue Blouses which sport our glorious AkCie slogan. “Duf en futloos is de drunken dromedaris altijd waard” Gekke geile groetjes, de almachtige, allerbeste, allergeilste Akcie

Committee members:

Duve Ribberink (Chair)
Alba Mols
Gijs Roosen
Jesse de Jongh
Lisa Darwinkel