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Every BSW student has heard them before, questions like “So, what is it that your doing all this time in Wageingen?” or “Soil drilling? What am I supposed to think of that?” There is just no better way to answer these questions than to show it! And that is the reason why the ‘BroerZusCie’ exists. The committee that organises a fantastic day specially for siblings of BSW students. During the day all kind of typical soil, water and atmosphere aspects will be brought under attention. The thing that makes BSW so special is the relative big amount of practical assignments. Your siblings will notice that definitely during the Sibling day. For one day, they will get the possibility to show (wearing hiking shoes of course) their expertise in the field and in the lecture rooms, just like a real BSW student. Gonna be fun!

Committee members:

Josien Rompelberg (Chair)
Jonna van den Berg
Ida Haven
Vivien Vos
Manouk Geurts