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The Evaluation Committee takes care of the essence from which Pyrus was born. Don’t think of fire right away… I mean our study: the only thing all Pyrus members have in common. This makes the EvaluatCie a very important committee, because it watches over the quality of our study. The EvaluatCie makes sure that the courses of the study programme are evaluated, of course while enjoying some delicious cookies. The EvaluatCie is also in contact with teachers and with the OpCie (OpleidingsCommissie). The EvaluatCie tries as much as possible to find out the student’s opinion about their education, and pass this on to the teachers and the OpCie.

Committee members:

Andrea Kees (Chair)
Veerle Beijer
Jonna van den Berg
Jelle Boode
Maaike de Boer
Bart Vlemmix
Bas van Splunter
Marleen Ursem