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This summer the ExcursCie will organize a study trip in the first two weeks of the summer holiday! With a group of 55 enthusiastic Pyrus members we will go to the yet unknown destination! We will shortly introduce ourselves, the committee exists of 6 crazy goats: kleiniggeit (Henry), luiggeit (Hugo), laaggelettergeit (Sanne), beziggeit (Joris), nattiggeit (Nathalie) and moedergeit (Rosan). Of course, now you are all very curious about the destination, therefore you should all come to the location announcement on the 26th of February in Annies Kroeg (at Asserpark) to hear where this amazing trip will go to! Hope to see you all! Goaty greetings, ExcursCie 2019

Committee members:

Henry Rommelse (Chair)
Joris Beemster
Sanne van de Veen
Nathalie Rombeek
Hugo Beekelaar
Rosan van Halsema