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The FoodCie is one of the cosinesscommittees of Pyrus. Our focus is mainly on food-related activities, varying from ‘stamppotdinners’, gala dinners, tasty lunchactivities to the famous yearly FoodCie barbecue. The FoodCie is a relatively young committee, which has known a rapid growth to the established order within Pyrus. This increasing influence within our beautiful association can be seen in the Pyrus boards of the last few years. With board 28b as an absolute highlight as the FoodCie was the main supplier. New FoodCie members are chosen after a precise selection procedure which, of course, focusses on cooking delicious meals. This selection procedure takes place yearly, after the introduction weekend. If you’re interested in becoming part of the amazing FoodCie-family, you can send an e-mail to around that time of the year. Although we have several activities organised by ourselves every year, we love it to team up with other committees and help them organising an activity or cook for certain activities. Especially our bond with the IntroductCie goes back a couple of years, we help them feed the freshmen every year during the introduction weekend. In case you’ve got any further questions or want to organise an activity together with the FoodCie, don’t hesitate to send an e-mail to or have a small chat with one of our members, which are present at almost all Pyrus activities. Hereby I reside, Dylan Koster chairman of the FoodCie

Committee members:

Leander de Wit (Chair)
Wouter Jobse
Lisanne Neefjes
Marthe Wassink
Lotte Braat
Rikke Stoffels
Daan Kivits
Maaike de Wit