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The GrondboorCie is the committee for organising the famous Soil drilling championships and therefore one of the most Soil, Water and Atmosphere worthy committees. It consists of 6 passionate soil drilling fans from the 3rd, 4th and 5th year and we are very enthusiastic to organise this amazing and big event which has become a real Pyrus tradition. During the Soil drilling championships, you have to drill the auger as fast as possible 1.20 meter into the ground. Alongside the drilling there are dirty hands, lots of cheering, weird costumes and of course, beer. In 1998 the Soil drilling championships were held for the first time. In the beginning, it was a small event from Wageningen with a few teams but nowadays hundreds registrate from all over the Netherlands and participate in the championships. All of this just to drill the auger as fast as possible into the ground! Of course, this is the most important thing of the evening, but you can also enjoy the BBQ and the original costumes of the groups. And as a finishing touch, we also organise an afterparty to make the evening complete.

Committee members:

Lotte Braat (Chair)
Bas van Splunter
Bart Vlemmix
Teun van den Putte
Isabel Kuin
Sjoerd Polder