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If you have a close look at this website and our social media channels you will probably find a bunch of pictures. Nice pictures which show that Pyrus is a fun, cosy or better said ‘gezellige’ study-association. And these pictures are taken by us: the PaparazzCie. At every activity or important occasion, we are present with our camera and photographic skills. We take pictures and share them with everybody connected with study-association Pyrus. Even though some of us are a bit camera-shy, we have a great time taking photographs of charming Pyrus members at their best moments. We just work our magic behind the camera! A look over here, a flash there, a shot from another direction, shifting perspectives, we capture everything of Pyrus. Because what is ‘gezelligheid’ if there are no pictures to prove it?

Committee members:

Roosmarijn Knol (Chair)
Brian Verhoeven
Daan Kivits
Bart Vlemmix
Tim Hoevenaars
Ida Haven
Belle Holthuis
Isabelle Alten