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We are “Vuurwerk”, the committee that is responsible for your periodically portion of study-related nonsense. Every eight to ten weeks, we create an association magazine with articles on the three elements of our study: soil, water and atmosphere. Even though an issue of Vuurwerk can be used to start a fire (we certainly don’t encourage you to do so!), we take our task of putting the fire in Vuurwerk (sometimes a bit too) seriously. At the end of a period, however, we have created a full-fledged Pyrus inferno in the form of 24 pages. We usually start with a lunch meeting at the start of a period. The fire from the previous period is extinguished and we clean out the ashes. Then, we start to build on the new fire. Essential for every fire are a few things: a Q&A with a teacher, a piece written by another committee, someone tells us about their time abroad for their minor, thesis or internship, and of course “Lopend Vuurtje” is passed on to a new victim. By the end of this meeting, the new fire is certainly smouldering and very promising. However, a smouldering fire isn’t an inferno yet and more fuel need to added. We do this during our evening meeting. After a delicious (vegetarian) dinner, we get to it and in the end all the elements for the fire are there. One last thing that we have to do is to turn this smouldering fire into this aforementioned inferno. To reach this goal, people are being stalked in various gradations until they send us their piece and we keep our fingers crossed and hope that sponsors send their contributions in time. It all comes together in the last week of the period when the magazine is put together and distributed among you all. At the end of a period we can say: mission accomplished, we have an inferno, time to extinguish it and build a new one. With popping greetings, Vuurwerk

Committee members:

Maaike Scholtemeijer (Chair)
Hans Nienhuis
Mees Radema
Leentje Ottink
Charlotte Engelmann
Femke Gramsma
Andrea Kees
Jasper Lammers