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News archive of February 2014

LexCie an evening of resumes - Delta Milieu

The LexCie is coming back with a new event in the fourth period. Delta Mileu is invited to tell us all about resumes . Delta Milieu is an agent company for graduates of ecology and environment, they mediate between job applicants and companies/the government. Like no one else, this company knows everything about the do’s and don’ts concerning your resume. That is why they are invited on the 25th of February to tell students how to construct a resume. This educational evening will start at 19:30h at café Loburg (Molenstraat 6, Wageningen).
If you want to know what the rank is of your resume, send it before February 18, 23.59h to and Delta Mileu will take a look at it.

See you then!
The LexCie

InternetCie present LAN Party

It is time for a party! Not just any party but a real super awesome LAN Party organized by the InternetCie. So bring your laptop to café Loburg on the 19th of February and join the evening of playing games. The digital competition of becoming the Guru of the evening starts at 20:30h. Please do subscribe yourself before the 19th so we can inform you by e-mail with some information about the specific game(s).

See you soon!

The InternetCie