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News archive of 2019

Review lunch lecture Arcadis

Arcadis had a preference to do the lecture in Dutch, so this review will be in Dutch as well. Op dinsdag 5 november organiseerde de LexCie een lunch lezing over Arcadis. Arcadis is een bedrijf dat gespecialiseerd is in infrastructuur, milieu (water en bodem) en bouw. Vooral de bodem en water gerelateerde divisie past mooi bij onze studie Soil, Water, Atmosphere. Zo was het ook leuk en interessant dat er heel specifiek werd verteld over hoe het is om daar te werken, als je bijvoorbeeld de bodem kant op wil. Vooral als beginnend werknemer kregen we een goed beeld hoe het is om voor Arcadis te werken. Er waren veel studenten, die volgens mij hebben genoten van de lezing en de lekkere lunch.

Review ECO-job lunch lecture

On Tuesday the 4th of June, the LexCie organised a lunch lecture with Eco-Job. Eco-job is one of our sponsors which is specialized in finding jobs in the environmental market. The lecture was about how to set up a good CV. This was quite interesting because even if you thought to know how to make a good CV, they had still some handy tips. Furthermore, there was explained how to work with LinkedIn and how you can use this platform to create a big network which will help you during your professional career. So overall it was an interesting lunch lecture, which included some pro tips to make your CV. If you did not attend the lunch lecture, but you are still interested in making a good CV or doing a job application we received some information flyers of Eco-job which are waiting on you in the hutch.

Review Lunch Lecture Huisman Traject.

On Tuesday the 14th of May the LexCie organised the first lunch lecture of period 6. This time Huisman Traject was invited. Huisman Traject is a consultancy firm for groundwater management during construction project. This is important to know because of the large effects that mismanagement could have on for example the environment. Groundwater management can be done in various ways, for example by monitoring on site or active measurements during the project. Huisman Traject consults and is actively involved during the phases of different kind of construction project.

Review Vitens lunch lecture

On Friday the 22nd of February the LexCie organised a lunch lecture about Vitens, the largest drinking water company of the Netherlands. In this lecture we learned more about the company and drink water related topics trough a quiz, here we could win a nice pen (the ink of the pen was made with an by product of the production process of drinking water). This was a nice aspect to the presentation.