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Activities of 2018

Traineeship Roadshow

On the 20th of November the “Roadshow water” took place in collaboration with Aktief Slip, CODON, Nitocra and Nji-sri. Nationaal Watertraineeship, Wetskills and Water Footprint Network visited Wageningen to tell something more about their companies. However, there was a twist: besides the informative session about the companies, we also did some interactive exercises. We practiced an exercise where you and your team had to choose a role on a ship and afterwards we also practiced pitching. Three groups had 30 minutes to prepare a pitch from a Wetskills program and afterwards the pitches we made were compared to the pitches done at the Wetskills conference. All in all it was an educative evening!

Erasmus lunch lecture

On the 12th of October the LexCie organised a lunch lecture where four student talked about why they chose to go abroad during their bachelor and shared their experiences of going abroad with Erasmus. Roosmarijn talked about her time and experience in Lancaster, UK. Henri told us about his experience in Spitsbergen, Daan went to Göteborg in Sweden and shared his experiences. Lastly Joris talked about his time in California where he studied at the Davis University. Many student were enthusiastic about hearing these stories of the experiences of going abroad.

Review GIS lecture

The evening of January 23rd was in the theme of GIS for the members of Pyrus. The LexCie organised an evening with two talks on GIS. The lectures held in H41 were visited by a lot of members enjoying some drinks and two very interesting talks! The first lecture was on working with GIS. Our guest speaker Stefan Arts (an alumni from GIS) told us how he works in practice with GIS and what he does for Witteveen & Bos. The second lecture by Lammert Kooistra was on remote sensing and how to use it for a range of applications. He told us how remote sensing will be used in the future in his very enthusiastic talk. Shortly, it was a very interesting evening and we think everybody learned a lot of things about how GIS is used in research and consultancy. ?

Review Carrier Information Evening

The 6th of december, Pyrus members could focus on their future careers, by attending the Carrier Information Evening. This evening, nine speakers from various companies and career paths talked about their choices and how they got to the current point in their careers. Besides, Rik van Heumen showed us his interesting research on the statistics of Earth and Environment alumni. Besides the point that we were all happy to hear that Earth and Environment alumni generally quickly get jobs, it was good to know where most of us are likely to end up.

After three rounds of talks, distributed over 3 rooms, the commission organised a drink at the ground floor of Forum. This drink was held so that all unasked questions could be answered and the thirst for career information could be stilled.

All in all, the evening was a great success and we hope that you have learned a lot!

Fiery greetings,

The Career Information Evening commission.