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LexCie lunch lecture

Hello everyone,

Today’s subject of the lunch lecture was LiDAR. Harm Bartholomeus of the chairgroup GIS came to tell us more about this (new) technique and which applications it is used for at the moment by the chairgroup. With a select group of students we listened attentively and we were even immortalized by this LiDAR (see picture). Impressive how such a small light beam, at a wavelength of about 500 nm, with an accuracy of one centimeter can observe everything in its surroundings. Apart from beautiful images of trees, complete with branches, we also got to see 3D animations of our own campus, made by this same device.
Again thank you for the effort of giving this presentation!
The next lunch lecture will be a bit later, because of other activities in the first period, so you can expect on the in the second period of the next academic year.

The LexCIe