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News archive of September 2014

Soil drilling championship

One of the yearly highlights of Wageningen’s student live could not be missing in this lustrum: the soil drilling championship! As ever, it was a fantastic and muddy event, with lots of pushing, pulling, barbecuing and, obviously, drilling. The winning team, ‘opgelost’, received the new trophy, an homage to Marthijn Sonneveld.


Four lecturers gave us presentations on all four elements. Klarens van Kruistum, a fireman, slightly tempered the members’ pyromania with tales about fire. This story was followed by a presentation by Rutget de Graaf, about the opportunities and difficulties of a floating city, after which Gerrit Hiemstra told about the challenges meteorlogists and climate experts face these days. The symposium was closed by Linda Nol, chairwoman of the Dutch Soil Association, with a nice and informative quiz about soils.

Hitch-hiking weekend

Where will the trip go? Well, in some cases from Wageningen via Arnhem and Limburg to Eindhoven. Or from Eindhoven via Brussels to Brugge, because it sounds nearly the same anyway... But every detour was worthwile and led to new stories and strange meetings. This long trip was followed by a night and a day to get to now as many sides as possible of the beautiful city of Brugge.


Both young and old ex-members (as well as some old and young members) were invited to the reunion. After a largely truthful tour through the university's most important buildings, the guests were invited to a buffet, where they could meet old study friends and hear how things are going here now.

Open party

Laughing gas, a dancing pole and those sticks with the weird fluorescent stuff. Add some SWA students and explosivity is guaranteed. It would remain a hot party till the late hours.

LexCie pub quiz

Test your trivial knowledge in Loburg during the pub quiz. How high is the Wageningse Berg (unclimbable after a night's drinking) and how many possibilities are there to make the first ten moves in a game of chess? Sure thing, more than the number of kilograms our chairman weighs. The winning team was rewarded with a pie, not a Mississippi Mud Pie, but well, you can't have it all.

Dinner + Game

While having a delicious meal in H41 we could step in the shoes of detectives. Not without some fraudulous rolling of the dice, the teams went criss-cross through Wageningen to find out the identity of a sinister kidnapper.

Opening lustrum + almanac presentation

After a fireworks show that will have made the hearts of the true pyromaniacs beat faster, the LustRum was officially opened. Afterwards the AlmanakCie could write until their fingers failed them, for everyone liked to receive a signed copy of the lustrum almanac with the theme 'eternal fire'.