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News archive of March 2015

TransPyratCie - Squash tournament

On Thursday the 5th of March it was time for a squash tournament. Several sportive Pyrusmembers went to the Bongerd to play a nice game of squash. Some people discovered a new talent, other people just enjoy the game. We played 3 short matches and the best eight people went to the quarter final. Between the matches there was time to relax and eat a delicious granola bar. After an exciting final, Bas won the award for the best squash player of Pyrus!

AkCie 'NietZomaarEenPubquiz-PUBQUIZ'

Tuesday 3 March the ‘NietZomaarEenPubquiz-PUBQUIZ’ was organized in café Annies by the AkCie and the FoodCie. Which is freely translated to ‘NotJustAPubquiz-PUBQUIZ’. Luckily, a lot of people came to have a shot at the prize. With the always charming Quizmaster Kees and his ever so benevolent assistants of the AkCie and the FoodCie, the brooding and thinking could commence. With a fun and tricky combination of questions of knowledge, music and food, the evening was a blast indeed. The questions about the snacks provided by the FoodCie were especially tasty. The snacks too by the way. After a, not always, thrilling contest, two winners were announced! The always strong Vuurwerk-team and the, somewhat surprising, second years men team, which miraculously also made his way to the top.