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News archive of November 2015

AkCie Jenga tournament

After an interesting reading about forest fires and their effect on soil and water, it was time for the very first Pyrus Jengatournament. The first round was completed by the participants present in large numbers, with towers of different sizes and shapes, falling blocks, screamings and off course many nerves. This round resulted in nine brave students to battle for the highly coveted semifinal spot. During the exciting final, Fleur Verwaal beated Henri Swinkels and therefore Fleur became the one and only Jenga-queen. It was a clattered succes!!

IntegratCie Potluck Diner

Thursday the 19th of November, the second activity of the Integration Committee this year took place. Since eating together is always a nice way to start conversations, the IntegratCie organized a Potluck diner. Every attendance had made a dish from his or her own country. There were some traditional dishes, exotic dishes, "just nice" dishes and a pile of couscous made by the board. This festive meal was concluded with a typically Dutch desert. During this evening the English language is partly reinvented and extended with some funny expressions. Every attendance now also fully understands the meaning of the word "gezellig". With the attendance of 6 different nationalities, we can surely look back at a nice evening!

General Members Meeting

A new board has formed! And this happened at the General Members Meeting. The meeting was started by Ex-chairman Jostijn at half past seven on the fifth floor of Forum. The progress of the plans of boad 26b were presented and the members being present asked their questions. Then Jostijn presented a summary of the entire list of activities of last academic year, which lasted some time, since there were 67! During this summary, the active members of Pyrus were thanked by Maartje with a present; An external charger for your mobile phone! After that, it was time for Joep, Maartje and Jostijn to resign and make room for Sippora, Kees and Ruud. Every changing boardmember were asked a series of sometimes serious questions, but more often less serious question by the members of Pyrus. Despite the fact that Jostijn accidentally almost made Kees Secretary instead of Commissioner of Internal Contacts, the meeting went smooth. The plans of board 27a were presented and the end was near. Everyone to the constitution drink in the Woeste Hoeve!