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Chairgroup drink and FoodCie pie baking contest

Eugène slicing his oven/icecake

17 February, the chairgroup drink took place along with the FoodCie pie baking contest. Lots of people came and 6 big and beautiful pies were finished quickly. Jurymembers Ruud en Roel, on his birthday, assessed every pie on BBW-linked properties. Is the pie a source of aerosols? Does it contain a visually nice layering? Is the bulk density good enough? With the theme ‘BWA-extreme’, everybody performed great by making extremely beautiful, extremely special or even extremely sweet pies. The FoodCie made one that, as some people claim, did not only contain sweetness.. The winners Anne and Heleen won the golden spatula (which happened to be a whisk) with there chocolate/jam terrace landscape.