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The winning team!

And there it was again. The annual Great Active Member Evening took place in Annies and a groundbreaking amount of memebers had come. 50 people! After the usual dinner consisting of fries, the committees proved themselves by playing several games, such as the ‘vette cerveza servetten estafette’, ‘plakkersmakker’, ‘anagrammen rammen’ (somewhat harder for internationals, nevertheless they proved they were not demotivated so easily), and many more. The evening was ended with the usual music quiz, which was weighted heavily. This year the committees had a common goal, do not let the LexCie win again. And they succeeded! A nice top 3 is formed. The third place was for the AkCie, the second spot was taken by the always strong Vuurwerk. The first place was for the most noisy committee of the evening (Kees’s voice did not always like this), the MeeloopdagCie! Congratulations!