Welcome to the Study association Pyrus. The student association for students of the BSc Soil, Water, Atmosphere, the MSc Earth and Environment and the MSc Geo-information Science at the Wageningen University.

Pyrus, the fourth element

According to the old Greeks the world consisted of four elements: earth, water, air and fire. In the Bachelor, Soil, Water and Atmosphere, we have already three of the elements. Thinking of a study association name was not that hard, as the study association is an extension of your study; fire. Pyrus is a deviation of the Greek word pyr (fire) and in this way the study is in perfect harmony.

The goal of the study association is to strengthen the relation between students and between students and teachers. To achieve this we organise different activities, e.g. weekends, excursions, lectures, drinks and the annual cheese fondue. Once per period (five times a year) our association magazine is spread, which contains articles in Dutch and English. The annual highlight of Pyrus is the SK Grondboren (Students Soil Drilling Championship), where we try to drill 1.20 meter into the ground as fast as possible.

In a nutshell; Pyrus gives an extra element to your Bachelor or Master study about Soil, Water and/or Atmosphere and also Earth System Science and Geo-Information Science, in Wageningen.


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