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Welkom bij Studievereniging Pyrus. De studievereniging voor studenten van de BSc Bodem, Water en Atmosfeer, de MSc Earth and Environment en de MSc Geo-information Science aan de universiteit in Wageningen.

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Review Vitens lunch lecture

On Friday the 22nd of February the LexCie organised a lunch lecture about Vitens, the largest drinking water company of the Netherlands. In this lecture we learned more about the company and drink water related topics trough a quiz, here we could win a nice pen (the ink of the pen was made with an by product of the production process of drinking water). This was a nice aspect to the presentation.

We also learned how Vitens uses its rest products from the production process of drinking water for new purposes like products for improving the soil quality for farmers or for animal nutrition. Furthermore, we were informed about the future of Vitens and what we as soil, water and atmosphere students could contribute to a company like Vitens.

Review Deltares

A former Soil, Water, Atmosphere student who has worked at Deltares for the last 3 years held a talk about what Deltaris is and does, how this relates to other companies in this sector. He also talked about four projects at Deltares he has been involved in and an in depth explanation of the how the projects went and he gave some examples of what you have to do when you are involved with a project.