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Nieuwsarchief van Oktober 2018

Review National Water Traineeship

On Tuesday, October 30, we enjoyed a lecture by National Water Traineeship during lunch. The lecture addressed the possibilities of joining a traineeship as one of the possibilities after graduation. Traineeship at NWT consists of a combination of work - during 4 days per week you work at a water related company - and personal development - one day per week with other NWT trainees. NWT offers various water related projects for students as well, with various opportunities to travel abroad.

Besides water related subject, NWT also presented the Soil Battle (‘Bodem Battle’). This is a project for students that are about to finish their bachelor or are at the start of their masters. In this project, groups of students will be involved in a soil-related case.

Erasmus lunch lecture

On the 12th of October the LexCie organised a lunch lecture where four student talked about why they chose to go abroad during their bachelor and shared their experiences of going abroad with Erasmus. Roosmarijn talked about her time and experience in Lancaster, UK. Henri told us about his experience in Spitsbergen, Daan went to Göteborg in Sweden and shared his experiences. Lastly Joris talked about his time in California where he studied at the Davis University. Many student were enthusiastic about hearing these stories of the experiences of going abroad.