Soil-drilling contest

Student Championship Soil Drilling

Pyrus is a study association with a strong sense of tradition. The Student Championship Soil Drilling is by far the best known tradition. Anyone who has done it once knows for sure how intense soil, water and atmosphere come together at this annual event. But the fourth element you also encounter. Although we do not drill down to the magma, fire at each championship the fire of passion for the soil drilling in everyone involved.

The subscription for teams will start at the 15th of September at 20:00 and last until the 1st of October 23:59. This year the limit of participants will be around 900, which means approximately 100 teams of 4-8 participants. This is less than previous years, because of corona measures. Everyone can subscribe, even business or chair group teams. Thus, try to subscribe before subscriptions are full.

More Information:
Date: 12 october 2022, from 18.00u
Location: At the Haarweg
Costs: € 6,- p.p. for members, € 8,- p.p. for non-members,
Theme: Once upon a Drill
Registration: Opens the 15th of September at 20:00.
(Companies can already register now by sending a mail to


For more information you can contact the organization.