Soil-drilling contest

Student Championship Soil Drilling

Welcome to this subsite of study association Pyrus, the organizer of the Soil Drilling Student Championships. These championships have taken place since 1998 and have become a true tradition. Drilling through wet clay or hard dry soil, it’s a different challenge every year. The Edelman drill will find a way down, but how fast? That depends on you. Whether you set the fastest time or become the slowpoke of the evening does not matter. Every year it is the most typical student party from Wageningen, with an atmosphere that is known throughout the country. The afterparty is not one to miss, occasionally a caravan gets wrecked and the costumes get better every year. There is only one drawback: the whole event takes just one evening. Of course you would like to show your drilling skills throughout the year. That’s why we are going to make this the best night of the year, or October at least.


Good luck in advance, but most of all have fun preparing. Create your own team of 5-8 people and think of a team name plus outfit. Everyone can join, also companies and chair groups. This year around 1000 people can participate, which amounts to around 120 teams. Make sure to be in time to get tickets! Tickets can be bought until October 1st at 23:59. They are required to get access to the terrain, because of this spectators are only allowed when there are tickets left, those participating go first. Make sure to get out of the summer holidays in tip-top shape, which could also mean a beer-belly in this case. Maybe you will be the one taking the famous trophy home.


With kind and muddy (if the weather allows) regards, GrondboorCie 2023


Extra information:

Date: October 11th 2023, from 18h

Location: Along the Haarweg

Price: €7,- p.p. Pyrus members, €9,- p.p. non-members

Theme: To be announced

Ticket sale: Opens September 14th 20.30h


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For any questions related to tickets and registration contact